A/C Pro Pro Reusable Trigger & Gauge R-1234YF

SKU: E303223700

Available in multiples of 4 units:

A/C Pro®’s R-1234YF auto AC pressure trigger and gauge helps to accurately measure refrigerant pressure and recharge R-1234YF A/C Systems. It can be used independently, without connecting to a gas canister, to check refrigerant pressure and includes an extra-long, heavy-duty hose for easier access to hard-to-reach ports. For R-1234YF A/C Systems only.

  • Provides accurate pressure reading and fill.
  • 24” braided charging hose gives easier access to hard-to-reach ports.
  • Metal coupler only connects to low side ports in R-1234YF systems.
  • Can be used independently without connecting to a canister.