We all use our vehicles for lots of reasons the average British motorist spends 4 years of their life driving! Every journey we make is another step to contaminate your surfaces with germs and bacteria. Those takeaway meals, the pet pooch, dirty football boots and gym kits all contribute to a breeding ground for germs. 

A recent survey showed that 63% of the British public are more conscious now about their personal hygiene since the outbreak of coronavirus so here is a helpful guide to cleaning your car interior.


1. Take a carrier bag and clear out all the litter in your car, ensure you empty the door pockets and foot wells, even the boot can become a dumping ground. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of doing this weekly. Get rid of your old car air freshener and make way for a new scent we have lots to choose from.


2. Next get to work on cleaning the car interior; the steering wheel and gear stick are particularly high-risk areas for germs. We suggest using our Armorall car cleaning wipes for that showroom shine dashboard, door panels, centre console, handles, steering wheel and gear stick.


3.  Remove the car mats from the car and place them to one side ready to hoover. Once you have hovered your mats consider giving them a spray outside the car using our fantastic scent bomb! It smells amazing. Hoover the inside of the car, for those hard to reach areas buy a toothbrush to brush away unwanted crumbs.


4. Looking after your car upholstery will keep your vehicle in pristine condition and possibly help you sell the car for a better value when the time comes. Don’t forget to clean your seat belts too. For all those stubborn stains we love Armorall stain and foam remover, it couldn’t be simpler. For those of you who have a leather interior, don’t worry we have you covered with Armorall leather care. This helps to clean and condition your leather interior, whilst helping to restore the original look.


5.  After all that cleaning your car deserves that valeted smell. Spray the inside of the car with one of our Designer Fragrance blast cans.


6. Enjoy the ride and pride yourself on having a clean, germ free fantastic smelling car!








March 07, 2023