Love the space you live in and cherish your wellbeing with our Yankee Candle scent plug diffusers. Relax, unwind and uplift your senses with our luxurious newly discovered scent plug refills.

The refills are available in 15 fabulous aromas, which hold their scent for up to 6 weeks. Choose from fragrances such as Vanilla Lime, Sunny Day Dream or Dried Lavender And Oak, you really will be spoilt for choice!

With so many of us spending more time indoors currently, why not treat yourself to the Yankee Candle scent plug diffuser. Select one of our Jasmine refill ranges and let the scent fill your home with calmness, releasing good vibes all round.

Here’s why home fragrance is good for you:

  1. A fresh smelling home is important, it helps us to feel good
  2. A good fragrance can trigger a happy memory or feeling
  3. Fragrances can be suggestive, they can take you away to an exotic place
  4. Scents such as lavender are known for their calming influence

When your home smells sweet, your life seems complete!

April 04, 2023