Make sure your car is ready to hit the road this winter by having the correct products on board to stay as safe as possible. The combination of freezing temperatures and icy weather can be potentially dangerous to drivers so consider what products you need and be ready.  The most common problem is your car windscreen freezing over on those cold winter mornings. With the Armorall Chunky Squeegee & Ice Scraper, removing the ice has never been easier.
There’s nothing worse than waking up on a pitch-black Monday morning, only to hear the sound of the diesel engine spluttering, as the car won’t start. STP winter treatment is designed to use an anti-gel to prevent the fuel line freezing during those colder months so you don’t get left stranded when Jack Frost comes knocking.
Salt and grit on the road can also cause damage to your car’s paintwork, especially if you get splashes of concentrated salt solution on the bodywork of the car. Keep those stubborn scratches hidden with Armorall scratch remover; restoring the paints colour and making your cars paintwork look like new!
For many individuals, Christmas doesn’t truly start until that last journey home from work. This year we want to bring the festive feeling on the road, with our favourite seasonal fragrances. Yankee Candle is not only a must-have scent for homes, but also gives your car that cosy feeling. Sparking Cinnamon is a firm Christmas favourite; think hot chocolate, mulled wine and Christmas markets from the comfort of your car!
Long journeys in December might not have the same feel as sitting by an open fire drinking mulled wine, or watching a Christmas film snuggled in a blanket. You can however, crank up the heating, switch on your heated seats and add a cosy throw in the back in case you did break down. Enjoy a festive air freshener and have all those essential winter car essentials to hand. After all, prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent!
November 30, 2023