Now we are in January, the party season is well and truly over and we often find ourselves looking for structure, order and commitment, which result in the dreaded New Year resolutions! 

Did you know that often these best intentions don’t last and typically people will end up breaking these by the end of January with day 17 and 18 being the common drop off date? One of the popular choices for 2024, along side diet and exercise is improving your mental health. We are promoting clearing your mind and increasing your own mental health by having a tidy, clean vehicle. After all, “a tidy car is a tidy mind-set”.

The benefits of a clean vehicle can really improve your overall well-being, having a direct, positive impact on your mood. A cluttered, dirty car is an overwhelming, stressful environment to be surrounded by regularly, especially on long journeys and commutes to the office. A clean car however provides a sense of calm and order and a fresh fragrance can help to lift your endorphins and increase your happiness.

With the average car valet now costing between £12 and £20 it’s no wonder that people are looking to clean their own cars. Washing your car by hand with a sponge and bucket can burn up to 135 calories in just 30 minutes. This has to be your New Year resolution, cleaning your own car, saves you money (just think of all the car air fresheners you could buy), burns calories and lifts your mood.

So Here’s Our Must Have Cleaning Brands



For The Car Exterior

To get that gleaming showroom finish, look no further than our fantastic Simoniz range of products.  From shampoos, waxes, wheel cleaners and scratch removers you will find what you are looking for. The ArmorAll brand has an extensive range of exterior cleaning liquids and also offers accessories such as cloths, sponges and brushes.

For The Car Interior

To be the envy of all your passengers, try the ArmorAll interior car product range with choices from cockpit shine sprays, wipes for leather, glass and the dashboard along with carpet and upholstery cleaners.

For that quick dashboard wipe with a touch of fun and satisfaction keep a tub of grime slime in your glove box, it’s amazing and picks up crumbs in the hardest to reach areas.

For The Fragrance

Opal Products is all about the fragrance, there are so many to choose from you really will be spoilt for choice.  From blast cans to hanging fragrances to vent clips and cans that fit neatly in your cup holders - we have it all.  

Why not keep one of our Carfume Surge spray cans in your glove box, that way you can always be prepared and spray whenever you need it. Indulge in your favourite luxury designer inspired fragrance; try One Million for a feminine scent or Savage for Masculine.

Maybe you fancy a hanging fragrance, why not try Medo Rich Cherry Glass Jar which smells amazing.

Perhaps you like a vent clip air freshener on the dashboard, go for a Little Joe Vent Clip in Bubble gum to bring a smile to every journey.

For those who like an air freshener can that fits nicely into lots of dashboard spots you will love the Paradise Air Platinum Series Can in the fruity Pineapple Crush fragrance.

So start today, don’t delay! For a New Year Resolution you are sure to keep start washing your car and splashing out on a few fabulous products along the way, it might just lift your mood!

January 09, 2024