As home, car and office fragrances continue to grow in popularity, with influencers like Mrs Hinch promoting various brands, consumers are demanding more from their favourite scent. For retailers, this means staying ahead of the curve, anticipating the next big thing and ensuring your stock is as up to date as the online communities that promote it, but how can you do that?

Products with a dual purpose

Previously, consumers have looked for home and car products that smell good – simple! And that’s still the case, only now – products need to offer a little more. Whether it’s air fresheners that also disinfect or designs that look good. Online, the Designer Fragrance Blast Can Collection has been one of the most popular launches across ‘cleanfluencers’. With air freshening and disinfecting properties, as well as a range of popular fragrances (as the name suggests, the brand take inspiration from some of the most popular designer brands), online communities have been raving about using the products around the home.

Keeping up with popular fragrances

With such a wide selection of scents across the market, keeping stocked up with the most popular can seem like a challenge. But it doesn’t take much digging on social media to find the ones everyone seems to be talking about. Familiar scents, or ones that evoke memories have always been favoured in the homecare market – Yankee Candle do particularly well with their line of candles and air fresheners that include scents like Fresh Linen, Fluffy Towels and Vanilla Cupcake. Likewise, scents that capture a mood or spirit – like Coca Cola, reminiscent of summer days with your favourite drink in hand – are increasingly popular. In a digital age, fragrances that can be described well online will naturally reach more consumers – leading to them heading to store to pick up the product.

Work with companies that remain up to date!

Working with suppliers and distributors that know what the next big thing is, how to communicate with their audience and promote products themselves will help ensure sales success in-store. You can’t do all the work when it comes to your sales strategy and partnering with businesses that have an online footprint and are promoting the products you sell will be a huge help.

August 01, 2023