Don’t miss a trick this Halloween, with some of our best, loved car care and air freshener products. Ensure you keep those nasty smells at bay and clear a pathway through the fog, leaving you spellbound!

Be afraid; be very afraid as Carfume Surge comes out to play. Savage is a dark and mysterious masculine fragrance with a hint of fresh bergamot and woody ambergris, leaving your car smelling delightful! There’s nothing scary about it! A single blast eliminates odours and sanitises the air with its stylish black can design, it will look sleek in any vehicle.

Breathe easy this spooky season with the California Scents mini diffusers Ice fragrance. It’s perfect for the cooler nights, with a design that’s minimalistic; the California Scents collection has something for everyone.

Cast a spell with our Scent Bombs, they have an adjustable spray so you can enjoy as much or as little as you like. The fragrance Tangerine Blast is perfect for those cold wintery nights; it’s a real juicy treat for your car!

Looking for a spooktacular travel companion, then look no further than the Little Joe Vent clip. He brings a little cheer to your journey and smells so good, with hints of Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot and Lavender you will be left dazzled.

When it’s damp, dark and there is lingering fog your driver visibility becomes poor.  With Rain-X Anti-Fog it’s as simple as abracadabra! Eliminate fogging and steaming of your interior glass and mirrors with this perfect companion for those early morning starts or those damp evening drives.
Choose a treat this Halloween, sample one of our car care products; you won’t be disappointed!
October 03, 2023