Why buy California Scents?

At Opal Products, we stock some of the most popular car and home air freshening and care brands and products, including California Scents.

A consumer favourite for over 25 years, California Scents are loved by both brick and mortar and online retailers worldwide. Their innovative approach to air freshener design and long-lasting fragrance has cemented their position in the car care and fragrance market.

Long-lasting fragrance

With up to 60 days of fragrance, California Scents products last longer than market average. The canister products, such as Car Scents, eliminate any odour, in any space.

The compact products can be placed discreetly or in pride of place across offices, cars or homes. And with adjustable fragrance control, consumers can decide the strength of the scent in their space.

Wide-ranging product lines

Another benefit of California Scents is the extensive product and fragrance lines. With a range of products, including canisters and hanging air fresheners and over 25 scents, there is something for everyone.

Fragrances include Coronado Cherry, Newport New Car, Verri Berry and Fresh Linen.

Shop California Scents online now on our trade website, or contact us below to shop through an account with us.