The latest in car care

As summer comes to a close and the autumn nights draw in, road users will need to start preparing their vehicles for the change in weather. And while we may not be quite ready to wave goodbye to the sweet scents of summer (we've been loving the Refresh Your Car Fresh Strawberry and Cool Lemonade Dual Diffuser), we have started thinking about what may be the stand-out autumn products.

The Fresh Scent of Autumn

We're strong believers in the power of scent (would you believe it!), and as much as we'd like the sun to stick around, we can't deny looking forward to the comforting scents of the upcoming season. We're thinking fragrances like Soft Blanket, Sparkling Cinnamon and Vanilla Cupcake from Yankee Candle, Lightning Bolt & Ice Storm from Refresh Your Car and Coronado Cherry from California Scents - to name just a few.

The last few months of the year are the perfect time to add some comfort to your vehicle.

Preparing Vehicles for Adverse Weather

As the rain and wind picks up and darker mornings and nights draw in, road users need to make sure they have the products on hand to stay as safe as possible. The combination of damp weather, low sun and darker days can be potentially dangerous. Ensuring vehicles are as prepared as possible to meet these conditions can ensure users stay safe on the road.

Checking your oil, screen wash and coolant is key for the upcoming season - as is checking both tyres and lights on your vehicle, both of which may need to be changed. For products that can help you prepare for the road, check out our newest car care range, Rain-X.

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