The best air freshening and car care products for trucks

When you spend a large portion of your day on the road, being comfortable is key. Eating, sleeping and drinking all take place in your truck, meaning it can easily become a hotbed of unpleasant odours and lingering smells. For truckers, air freshening and car care products are crucial to a better journey.

But how do you know which products and brands are the most effective? We’ve rounded up some of our favourites for eliminating strong odours and keeping your truck spick and span.

California Scents - Car Scents

A popular choice across the car and lorry care market, California Scents is a firm consumer favourite for good reason. The car scents range come in a fragrance-adjustable canister and are available in a large range of fragrances. This small air freshener guarantees a big hit of scent without disrupting visibility or taking up too much room.

The Car Scents range are proven to fill spaces both small and large, lasting up to 30 days.

Refresh Your Car - Driven

Refresh Your Car are known for their high-quality range of air freshening products, and the Driven range encompasses that quality with stylish, eye-catching designs. Freshening your space with dog tags and titanium helps make your cab space your own, while keeping any lingering odours at bay.

Designer Fragrances - Blast Cans

The Designer Fragrances Blast Can range not only sanitises both large and small spaces, but also leave a pleasant fresh scent - with just one blast. Blast Cans are formulated to remain in the air for many hours, eliminating odours. The high pressure blast nozzle and actuator system is designed to freshen up any space quickly and effectively. The dry formulation makes Blast Cans the perfect product to refresh trucks and cabs for more comfortable journeys.

Scent Bomb - Sprays

The popular Scent Bomb spray bottles have a long-lasting fragrance, in a small bottle. The pure oil formula lasts for days, with studies showing it lasts 300% longer than department store sprays. Available in a range of fragrance, Scent Bomb sprays are great for keeping trucks fresh on a daily basis.

Rain-X - Care & Protect

Anyone trucker will tell you the importance of good visibility when on the road. The Rain-X car and truck care range will help your customers to keep on moving, safely. For the last 40 years, Rain‑X® has provided drivers with products to help them outsmart the elements. With our Original Glass Treatment™ water beading technology, Wiper Blades and Glass Cleaners; Rain‑X® leads the automotive aftermarket in glass care.

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