Staying comfortable on long journeys

Spending a long time on the road is standard for any trucker, but it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Tiredness, boredom, hunger or simply restlessness can all kick in at any moment, so ensuring you stay ahead of all these things - and your journeys are as comfortable as possible is crucial. Here’s our top tips for staying fresh on the road:

Always be prepared

The boy scouts were onto something with the motto ‘be prepared’. If you’re a trucker gearing up for a long drive, make sure you’re as prepared as possible. This includes mapping out your route (and knowing where the rest stops are), stocking up on drinks and snacks for the road and making sure you are covered for any eventuality - from being able to carry out minor repairs, to making sure you’ve got spare windscreen cleaner, oil and anything else you may need.

Take a break