Our favourite California Scents products...

One of the most popular brands we carry, there are lots of reasons to love California Scents - and their extensive range of products is just one of them. Here we showcase some of our favourite products and scents, all available for retailers to order direct from Opal Products.

Car Scents

One of the best products on the market for a strong fragrance, Car Scents is a small canister with adjustable scent control and an unobtrusive design. Car Scents work in a range of spaces and can be either proudly displayed in a car cup holder or placed under the seat for fragrance blasts.

Try it in the signature scent, Coronado Cherry, for a strong fresh scent in your vehicle.

One- and Three-Pack Paper

California Scents take on hanging paper/cardboard air fresheners feature a sophisticated design with the same strong scents we know and love from the brand. Available in one and three packs, allowing consumers to stock up on their favourite fragrance, or swap and change scents.

Counter and Floor Displays

The California Scents counter and floor displays ensure that products stand out on the shop floor. A must-have for businesses, the California Scents counter and floor displays are designed and branded to best display the ranges of popular products - ensuring they catch the customer eye and increase sales.

See the California Scents range.


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