NEW IN: Scent Bomb, Designer Fragrances and Lynx...

The start of 2020 has seen new fragrance launches, expansions of product lines and a teaser of a new range... Let's dig in to the new products we're introducing at the beginning of this year.

Five new Scent Bomb fragrances

We love the Scent Bomb spray bottles for use in the car, in bins or at home and have stocked five fragrances for a while now, available in an assorted box or by scent. We've now added five new fragrances to our stock, available in a second assorted box or again, by individual scent.

What do the new fragrances smell like?


Clean, fresh and citrusy. Tangerine blast is a refreshing blend of cooling tangerine.

Baby Powder

Light and airy, perfectly capturing the classic powdery aroma of... you guessed it! Baby powder.


Fruity, mixed berry scent of pomegranate seeds.


Warm and rich, Vanilla-Licious smells like vanilla frosting on freshly baked donuts.

Green Bomb

Rich, spicy, crisp and sporty. Hints of lemon verbena and sandalwood.

Two new Designer Fragrances Blast Cans

Since their initial launch, Blast Cans have become a firm consumer favourite, taking the cleaning and home care world of Instagram by storm. With two new fragrances perfect for the home market, Royal Oud Leather and Ventus are sure to be a must-have on many shopping lists.

What do the new fragrances smell like?

Royal Oud Leather

Royal Oud Leather has an Oriental Woody Fragrance, with top notes of Bitter Orange, Neroli and Black Pepper. Middle notes of Cardamon, Saffron and Olibanum. Base notes of Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli and Leatherwood. 


A provocative, masculine and optimistic fragrance, with top notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Pineapple & Apple. With added dry birch, Moroccan Jasmine and Patchouli and base notes of Oak Moss, Musk, Ambergris and Vanilla.

New brand coming soon...

Finally, we've been road-testing new brand Lynx. With popular fragrances and products across the body-care market, Lynx brings it's fragrance knowledge to car care. Long-lasting and with great scents, we're sure these products are going to be a hit.

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