NEW FRAGRANCES: Little Joe and Fanta

As the seasons change, we've had another busy month here at Opal Products. This October we're pleased to know offer the following products and fragrances:

Little Joe - Thumbs up Range

Since introducing the Little Joe range to our brands earlier this year, both us and our customers have been loving the fragrances. Long-lasting vent clips are always popular and with these latest additions from Little Joe lasting up to 45 days, we can already see them flying off our shelves! We now stock the following fragrances:

  • Funky Vanilla

  • Pacific Splash

  • Cool Mint

Fanta Singles

Fanta Singles have been available to buy since last month and unsurprisingly, the refreshing fragrances are popular with our customers. The Fanta Single range is reminiscent of summer days and comes in the following scents: