How to spring clean your car

Updated: May 29, 2019

As the sun makes more of a permanent appearance, many of us are dusting off the car washing gloves to get our motors 'summer ready'. Not only does a spring clean keep your car looking new, it can also ensure you're driving in the best and safest conditions possible.

Choose the right weather and time of day to wash your car

You don't want to be cleaning your car in the pouring rain but the hottest day of the year isn't the right time either. Choose a day with shade so your car isn't drying too quickly and leaving smear marks, or move your car into a shaded area and wait for the exterior to cool down before starting.

Get rid of the grime

Before you start shampoo-ing, you need to rid your car of the build up of dirt, bugs and everything else that's accumulated on your vehicle. If you can, park near a water source and give your car a good hose down before soaping up! Follow up with the Formula 1 Bug & Tar remover to make sure you're starting with the best base possible.

Give the exterior a shine

With a bucket of warm water, your car shampoo and a good quality cloth, soap up your car, giving it a good scrub and polish. If you really want to speed up time while getting a good result, use a shampoo that waxes your car as it cleans - leaving you with the perfect shine.

Finally, pay attention to your windows and windscreen. Build up in these areas doesn't only affect your final result, but can also reduce your visibility on the road. Use a glass cleaner that will give you the shine you want now whilst also protecting you while out and about.

Don't forget your tires and wheels!

After making sure the outside of your car is gleaming, put the same amount of focus into your tires and wheels, using a foaming cleanser on your wheels and a polish on your tires to have them looking good as new. While you're there, inspect your tires and ensure you're still road-worthy for any long trips this summer.

Cleaning out your interior

Depending on the state of your vehicle, your interior may only require some quick dust removal and a polish, or you may want to get the hoover out and start deep cleaning the seats. Whatever you choose, start by removing anything you don't need in the car. Products with a scent as well as cleaning and polishing properties will help get your car summer-fresh and using cleaners aimed at your car materials (like carpets or leather seats) will make your job much easier.

A final polish

While you've been cleaning your car, it's likely you've been looking at it closer than before. Noticed some scratches, dullness or that your headlights are looking worse for wear? Use some simple products for the finishing touches to remove any scratches on the outside of your vehicle and polish up paintwork and headlights without the need for a body shop. Good as new!

Pick products that will help get the best result

At Opal Products we love the Formula 1 car care range, with products for interiors, exteriors, tires and glass - this brand truly has you covered when it comes to your car clean. Whether you're doing a quick exterior wash or are treating yourself to a mini-valet - Formula 1 has the products that help get the job done quicker and easier than before.

Read more about Formula 1 car care products here, or get in touch at the bottom of this page to find out more about stocking the range in your store.