How to optimise your physical sales space

In-store appearance can make a big difference to sales, with research showing that customers appreciate visual merchandising and being able to find products easily. With a wide range of products, how can you ensure new brands or top performers are getting the recognition they deserve? 

We have a range of counter and floor displays to highlight our favourite brands, find out more below...  

Counter Displays

Counter displays can encourage add on purchases at point of sale. California Scents and Refresh Your Car both have a range of smart, stand out counter displays to help you get that additional sale.

Floor Stands

For wide ranges of product, floor stands are a great way to showcase the entire range. Again, it's California Scents and Refresh Your Car that come through with some great, smart floor stands that help you to optimise your space, display products clearly and promote customer favourites. 

Standard Counter Displays

Many brands have standard counter displays, perfect for placing by tills - as mentioned above. Check out some of our favourites below, including Walls Ice-Cream, VW and the new Designer Fragrances Blast Can collection.

To find out more about sprucing up your store with floor or counter displays, get in touch below.