Capture the Christmas spirit with these festive fragrances

As Christmas decorations go up in cities, stores and homes across the globe, it’s easy to get wrapped up in festive spirit. But for many individuals, Christmas doesn’t truly start until that last journey home... This year, we want to bring the festive feeling on the road, with our favourite seasonal fragrances. 

Long journeys in December might not have the same feel as sitting by an open fire drinking mulled wine, or watching a Christmas film snuggled in a blanket - but there’s no reason why it can’t smell like those things! 

Check out our favourite festive fragrances to get you in the spirit this season...

Little Trees - Cinnamon Apple

One of the first car air fresheners, Little Trees are guaranteed to provide a fragrance that lasts throughout the festive period. And what better scent than Cinnamon Apple for December?

No matter how long your journey, the comforting smell of Cinnamon Apple will have you looking forward to Driving Home for Christmas. Festive music optional.

Yankee Candle - Sparkling Cinnamon

Another cinnamon favourite, Yankee Candle isn’t only the must-have scent for homes, but can also give your car that cosy feel this winter.

Think hot chocolates, mulled wine and mulled cider - it's a Christmas market from the comfort of your car!

Yankee Candle - Christmas Cookie

Is there any fragrance that evokes feelings of home more than that of baking?

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen, or prefer store bought, the smell of Christmas Cookie in your car will have your mouth watering for all your favourite festive treats. This scent will have you desperate to be in the car this Christmas!

California Scents - Concord Cherry

Consumer favourite, California Scents, come in a range of fragrances guaranteed to last. Car Scents can be given pride of place in your car, or tucked away under a seat.

The Concord Cranberry scent is a Christmas classic, perfect for your car (or home...).