January can be a miserable time of the year for some but as we approach February we look forward to a new month. The evenings are starting to get lighter for a little longer and there is a hint of milder weather in the air.

We all spend so much time in our vehicles, whether it’s commuting, working or family trips and our cars offer us so much freedom. That’s why it’s important we add those fresh car vibes with one of Opal Products amazing car air fresheners.  Just adding a new fresh fragrance to your car can lift your mood.

Did you know that investing in a good air freshener for your car could in fact help your own wellbeing? Our smell is one of the most powerful senses we have as humans. Scents are linked to our memory and emotions, that’s why some fragrances can make you feel good. Citrus fruits fragrances like lime, orange and lemon can have an uplifting effect on our moods. Floral fragrances can also help to relieve stress. At Opal Products we have all you need to pamper your car and enhance your own wellbeing at the same time.

Add the freshness this February with the Jelly Belly Can – Lemon Drop or try our Yankee Candle Car Jar in Ultimate Vanilla Lime, both are ideal to lift your senses and add that citrus fragrance to uplift your mood.

Or why not try our Little Joe Vent Clip, he’s cute, fresh and comes in the beautiful Strawberry Laces Fragrance, which could help to relieve your stress. Here’s to a fresh, happy, stress-free February.

January 23, 2023