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We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking the world-famous Angry Birds Air-Fresheners!

Angry Birds are a worldwide sensation, popular with both adults and children alike, that first hit our phones and tablets in 2009, almost seven years ago!

The Angry Birds characters have been made famous by the mobile phone game and has spread across the globe with over 2 billion downloads!

This popularity has culminated in the much anticipated production of a full-length film, which will be released in the UK in May 2016.

James Newcombe, Director at Opal Products, commented: ‘’We are delighted to announce that we will be stocking yet another world-renowned brand here at Opal Products. Following the success of the Minions air-fresheners in 2015, we were keen to see what other areas of the popular culture market we could capitalise on, and the Angry Birds air-fresheners is the perfect opportunity. We firmly believe that the Angry Birds Air-Fresheners will be a big hit with consumers throughout the UK and Europe, and with the brand new Angry Birds Movie coming out in the UK in May, interest should hopefully continue to rise’’.

Opal Products will be stocking the full range of Angry Birds air-fresheners, which come in the following flavours:
• Red Cherry
• Bomb Explosive Charm
• Chuck Yellow Vanilla
• Pig Bubblegum

We are very excited to have the Angry Birds Air-freshener range available at Opal- Just contact us direct via email or phone to find out more about how you can get your hands on this must-have product!

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 13:06

Opal Products Chewits Product Profile

Since their foundation, Opal Products, or simply ‘Opal’ nowadays, have provided world-class home and car air-freshener products to a variety of prestigious retailers across Europe.

Following our #ProductProfile articles with the incredibly popular Little Tree air-fresheners and world renowned California Scents , this latest feature focuses on one of the latest products to be supplied by Opal, and provides a bit more history behind the Chewits brand and the quality of their products.

The Chewits range here at Opal, includes a number of licensed branded air fresheners that adds to Opal’s already impressive portfolio, these include; Plastic EVA air fresheners which are available in the popular Chewits flavours Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Ice Cream, Cola and Orange and a paper 3 pack consisting of Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Ice Cream.

The Chewits range has really taken the UK by storm, since their introduction in August and Opal Products have played a key part in this development, by helping the products become available in large retail stores such as The Range.

James Newcombe, Director at Opal, commented on the history of the Chewits brand at Opal and also the reasons behind why they are so popular:

‘‘We have been stocking the Chewits range, here at Opal Products since August 2015, we first noticed the Chewits range because of the instantly recognisable brand, and we were extremely excited to see how this would work in air-freshening world.

‘‘We are delighted to be the UK’s exclusive supplier of the Chewits air-freshener range, and it’s been very pleasing to see how the product popularity has grown over the last few months, to a point where it is now one of the firm favourites with our clients.

‘‘There are a number of reasons behind this success, firstly the brand is world-renowned, and its quality packaging and dynamic appearance, means that people instantly recognise and understand the product they are buying. Secondly, Chewits have really got it spot-on with a really nostalgic scent that reminds you of their famous sweets, without overpowering you. The fragrances are also very long-lasting, which has pleasantly surprised some of our customers!’’

‘‘We look forward to being a part of the continued development of the Chewits air-freshener range in the UK and across Europe’’.

You can find out more about the Chewits Air-Freshener range here at Opal, by visiting:

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Tuesday, 05 January 2016 11:04

California Scents Product Profile

Since their foundation, Opal Products, or simply ‘Opal’ nowadays, have provided world-class home and car air-freshener products to a variety of prestigious retailers across Europe.

Following our #ProductProfile with the incredibly popular Little Tree air-fresheners, this latest feature focuses on one of the first products that Opal started to supply, and provides a bit more history behind the ‘California Scents’ brand and the quality of their products.

California Scents - The Brand

California Scents was founded in 1993, when the first Spillproof canister rolled off the production line. Since then the company has grown into a global provider of high quality air freshening products. The company has two business units, consumer packaged goods and professional and janitorial products. Based in Irvine, California, the company is a leading manufacturer of air freshening products for homes, offices or cars and even offers a special line for pet owners! Now over 20 years old, the company is continue to develop across the world, as their products become commonplace in the supermarkets, petrol stations and other retail outlets alike.

What makes the product so special?

California Scents aim to capture the most interesting aromas on earth, packaging that freshness, and introducing that into everyday life. Every scent is hand-crafted by California Scents and for more than 20 years they have expanded from just six fragrances to an extensive current assortment, with each scent holding a distinctive place within the California Scents family.

What we think…

James Newcombe, Director at Opal, commented on the history of California Scents and Opal, but also the popularity of the product in the United Kingdom and Europe.

‘The first order we had with California Scents was back in 2008! And since that first sale to a small Independent fuel forecourt, we have seen the continued popularity of the California Scents brand. It’s now common place to see a whole host of California Scents products in petrol stations across the United Kingdom, however even more impressive is the take up from the large retail outlets including; The Range, Halfords and many more. The success of California Scents in the United Kingdom and Europe, has been extremely pleasing for us here at Opal, and we’re eagerly anticipating the continued progression of what is a fantastic brand with some equally impressive products’’.

What our Customers think…

Ryan Caulton, The Range, commented on their California Scents order with Opal, and the Opal service in general:

‘’We had our first delivery with Opal products on the 14th October 2013 and currently we purchase 4 California scents products with them so it is quite a small range. Opal are an extremely friendly company to work with and are more than happy to work out solutions to any issues we may have.

To give an example Opal helped us with clip strip lines where they have resourced new boxes to help achieve how we wanted this delivered. As a business we operate a 7 day lead time on our DC so at the moment we do not utilise their quicker lead times. However it’s comforting to know that these quicker lead times do exist. For retailers, fulfilment is a big issue as without stock you cannot sell the products. This year opal are showing 100% for their fulfilment which is a huge positive.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Opal based on their current performance and service. Opal’s service levels are excellent with 100% fulfilment, on time deliveries and they provide first class communication’’.

To find out more about the California Scents range here at Opal, along with our other products click here

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VIS 314 Aloe Blossom lr

We are delighted to announce, that the latest product from world renowned brand, California Scents - The Visor Clip- is now available here at Opal!

An incredibly easy to use product, you can just clip to your visor or vent, and you can be sure you will be enjoying the fresh, clean fragrance of California Scents within moments! The Visor Clip features the latest SFO technology – Solid Fragrance Oil, containing over 90% pure fragrance oil in a solid form. The Clip provides:

• Dual mounting options
• SFO technology, with over 90% pure fragrance oil
• Solid form – no leaks or spills
• Lasting results, up to 90 days

Director at Opal, James Newcombe, commented: ‘’We are delighted to announce another world-class product from California Scents has arrived here at Opal. We are confident that this product will replicate all the traits that have seen every other California Scents product, become so popular across the world’’.

To find out more about the Californian Scents range available at Opal; please click here

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:49

Product Profile: Little Tree at Opal

little tree

How long have you stocked Little Tree Products at Opal?
Since March 2015, however we’ve been aware of the brand for a very long time!

How popular have they been with your customers?
Very popular! It’s fantastic that we now have such a world renowned brand as part of the product portfolio that we distribute.

What do you feel are the stand-out features of the product?
Little Tree is so well known all over the world and this is basically what sells it. Everyone knows the iconic ‘little tree’ hanging from your rear view mirror in the car, and it’s this reputation that has played a huge part in the success of the product.

What customers do you currently supply the product to?
We sell Little Tree to many of our independent retailers, online retailers, wholesale customers and other distribution groups. And we’ve had a fantastic response from them on their happiness with the quality of the products.

Have you personally got a favourite product, from their range?
Black Ice and this is also the most popular fragrance, currently Black Ice is outselling all the other fragrances from the range!

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 15:13

Opal (Products) - The Story

 From a curious enquiry to the UK’s leading distributor of California Scents Air-Fresheners- the rise and rise of Zoe and James Newcombe, better known as the creators of Opal.

How do you define a ‘successful business’? Is it simply via the bottom line profit at the end of every financial year? Or is it defined by hard-work, passion and a determination to provide an excellent service to your customers.

In the case of Leicester based company Opal, it’s a combination of the two philosophies. ‘‘Obviously for any business to be classed as ‘successful’ there needs to be a certain focus on the financial performance, however you have to find a balance between fiscal frugality and the quality of your service’’ commented James Newcombe, Director at Opal. ‘‘Our own business has been built over the years on strong values, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service- and that is where our passion lies’’.

Opal was created back in 2008 by Zoe and James Newcombe, who were initially a UK distributor of the popular California Scents air fresheners. However, as the years have passed, and the business grew against the backdrop of the credit crunch, Opal have expanded their product portfolio and distributed their products to some of the biggest retailers across Europe. Below is their story, direct from James Newcombe, on how Opal started and their vision for the future!..

‘’Remarkably it’s quite a lucky story as to how we became involved with California scents, we first stumbled across the California Scents air fresheners when we went on holiday to the USA back in 2008 and the house we were staying in smelt amazing. Naturally we both wanted to find out what made this house smell so great, and it transpired that in all of the closets were the California Scents tins. Immediately we asked the owner where they got them from and they directed us to the local Walmart so we bought a box and took them home with us! When they had all ran out we looked on the internet about buying some more and contacted California Scents directly. They told us they were looking for a distributor in the UK and would we be interested? At the time we had a domestic cleaning company and thought that it would be a natural fit to sell to customers for their houses as a starting point, so we placed an order and decided to take up the quite daunting challenge of becoming distributors. Needless to say that once we got the products and started promoting them we ended up selling the cleaning company and concentrated solely on our distribution of California Scents. In the beginning this was mainly to fuel stations and convenience stores, but over time we have developed the business to a level where we are now providing California Scents to some of the biggest retailers in the country, including ASDA and The Range. It’s been a whirlwind few years, however we have enjoyed every second of it!’’.

James continued, to talk about what the plans are for Opal going forward over the next few years:

‘‘California Scents have long been our core brand of products, but 2015 has marked the addition of several new exciting brands, a rebrand and a new website. Our plan over the next few years is to keep adding to our portfolio of air fresheners and car care brands and become a one stop shop for these types of products. The sky is the limit really as to what we can distribute and we are always looking for new and exciting products to add to our range. We will continue to grow and supply to the national chains and hopefully we can extend our reach even further across the European market, which has huge potential and over the next ten years we will hopefully see Opal becoming a large distribution operation’’.

You can find out more about Opal, by visiting their brand new website or by following them on Social Media. Just search ‘Opal Products’.

We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking the famous, fun loving Minions Air-Fresheners including characters like King Bob, Kevin, Jerry and Stuart!

The Minions are a worldwide sensation, popular with both adults and children alike, and these pesky little critters have charmed the nation and now they’re taking on the air-freshening world aswell…

The products from the Minions range available at Opal will include; Jerry Candy Pop Air Freshener, Bello Morello Cherry Vent Sticks, Stuart Candy Pop Car Air Freshener, Kevin Bello Morello Cherry Car Air Freshener, Jerry Candy Floss Car Air Freshener, Rasbly Ipple Car Air Freshener, Jerry Candy Floss Car Air Freshener, Gru Car Air Freshener, Candy Pop Car Air Freshener and Kevin Bello Banana Car Air Freshener. Also available are the Minions themed; Travel Pillows, Sunshades and Seat Belt Pads!

We are very excited to have the Minions Air-Freshener range available at Opal- Just contact us direct via email or phone to find out more about how you can get your hands on this limited edition, must-have product!

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Thursday, 12 March 2015 08:45

New Product Launch for Opal!

Opal are proud to announce that in line with the launch of our new website, we have a number of new products available!

These products include the instantly recognisable Chewits Air-Freshener and Scented Candles range, The Love Hearts Scented Candles and The Formula 1 Car and Auto Care products. Each of these products has their own dynamic selling points, however you find out more information about any of the above by visiting our ‘Products’ drop down menu.

Opal’s quality distribution guarantee still applies for these products and we are determined to continue to provide our first class service across the whole of our range.

Thursday, 12 March 2015 08:44

Opal Rebranded on Social Media!

We’re delighted to announce that Opal have launched our popular social media networks! All new for the launch of our website will be a new Instagram, YouTube and Google+ pages along with a refresh of our existing Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll have daily updates to keep all our followers engaged and up to date with latest news, product images and offers direct from Opal HQ.

For links to any of our social media pages, just click any of the buttons in the header to get involved! And don't forget to hit that ‘like’ button!


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